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Hunter Project Donation Request Letter

Royal Air Force Waddington

FS Greg Wines
8 Sqn

Tel: 01522 726707
Fax: 01522 726671
Email: 8Sqn-CommsDepLeader@mod.uk


In the present day climate of SDSR, resulting in the disbanding of RAF Squadrons and the increasing closure of RAF stations, it is ever more important to safeguard our heritage.  The history of our squadron is an integral part of promoting the ethos and core values inherent in squadron members past and present.  8 Squadron has identified a project that would enhance these values as well as contributing greatly to the Royal Air Force and particularly 8 Squadrons’ heritage.

With the disbanding of 4 Squadron last year and the impending closure of RAF Cottesmore, one of the station gate guardians, a Hawker Hunter F6A XE606, was put up for disposal.  8 Squadron has strong links with the Hunter, having flown the type for almost 12 years in operations from bases in the Middle East.

At present, an F-4 Phantom, previously of 23 Squadron, is displayed outside 8 Squadron.  The squadron members feel that an aircraft more relevant to our own heritage would be a great asset to the Sqn.  It would also be a permanent static feature for all future RAF Waddington air shows, providing a strong draw for members of the public including a large ex-Hunter community.

A business case was presented to the RAF Heritage Committee to acquire the Hunter from RAF Cottesmore, and display it outside the Sqn.  We were successful with our case and, as such, have acquired the Hunter, saving it from possibly being scrapped.

The aircraft is in the colours of 4 Squadron and currently marked as XE606.  Our intention is to refresh the existing paintwork, as it is faded and obviously sports the wrong Sqn.  The scheme we intend to apply to the airframe would be that of the 8 Sqn Commanding Officer's allocated airframe, when based in Aden with a change in registration to XE620.

Unfortunately these changes will incur some costs, and we are coming to you as a member of The Hunter Association to see if you would like to become a contributor to this worthwhile project.  We are seeking any donation you see fit, to help with the funding of this project.  We estimate that the repaint, the static site preparation and placement of the Hunter will cost in the order of £4000.  All other costs including removal, transportation and storage while the site is being prepared are already in hand and paid for from other sources.

At present our fundraising is at an early stage and we are trying to expand our database of possible donors, we would appreciate you forwarding on these details to publicise this as wide as possible.

If you wish to donate to what we believe is a worth while restoration project you can donate by sending cheques to the above address made payable to RAF Waddington Service Funds.  If you decide to contribute £25 or more our intention is to permanently record your participation by placing an engraved paving brick, with your name, in the vicinity of the static display, eventually creating a pavement in front of the aircraft.

Yours Sincerely

FS Greg Wines
On Behalf of OC 8 Sqn