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Official Squadron Diary for 2-3 May 1944

  The six pages below are copies of the pages of the Form 540, the official Squadron Dairy for the days of 2 and 3
  May 1944.  They deal with the attack and sinking of U-852 in the Gulf of Aden and were written by Fg Off
  PF Cottis, the Squadron Intelligence Officer.  All errors from the originals have been left in.


              No. 8 Squadron

Date. Aircraft
Type & Number.
Crew. Duty. Time. Details of Flight or Sortie References.
   Up. Down.
            Submarine still firing at the aircraft at 1440 hours. At 1520 hours, M.T.B. -NR4, position SCLK 3650, course 180, speed 15 knots,maintaining S/E contact . At 1550 hours, dropped flare but it was useless. Intercepted message from ADEN at 1600 hours to aircraft J - 584 -SCKZ - 5803 - 1345z, course 180, speed 7 . CNY- 021552z. M.T.B. at 1638 hours, -NR5- 470 - SCLK- 3049, course 170, speed 15 knots.At 1650 hours, Captain thinks the submarine has stopped or we would be able to see wake in the moonlight. M.T.B. at 1655 hours- NR6 - regained contact, position SCLK 3849.,submarine stopped , large oil patch. Departed U-boat at 1658 hours, position 0932N 5049E and set course for position 1022N. 5124E. This position reached at 1723 hours and in position 1032N 5113E, set course for SCUISCUIBAN. Aircraft landed at SCUISCUIBAN.
Remarks  :- 6 - 250lb D.Cs, setting 25' and 3000 rounds of ammunition carried as well as 6 training flares. 6 D.Cs, 400 rounds of ammunition and 1 flare expended.
JA 413
1240 2105 Patrol  :- For U-Boat Strike.
Observed:- Aircraft airborne RIYAN
Remarks  :- 6 - 250lb D.Cs and 6000 rounds of ammunition carried. 6.D.Cs and 2500 rounds of ammunition expended.Aircraft damaged by enemy action - 20mm shell in engine. Repairable on sight.