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Official Squadron Diary for 2-3 May 1944

  The six pages below are copies of the pages of the Form 540, the official Squadron Dairy for the days of 2 and 3
  May 1944.  They deal with the attack and sinking of U-852 in the Gulf of Aden and were written by Fg Off
  PF Cottis, the Squadron Intelligence Officer.  All errors from the originals have been left in.


              No. 8 Squadron

Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. References

Officer Commanding,      :- Wing Commander, D.W. Reid, D.F.C. (32062)
Adjutant                :- F/Lt. S.J.Jordain, M.C. (79305)
Officer Commanding :-
A Flight            :- S/Ldr. P. Dudeney (41991)
B Flight            :-  S/Ldr. G. Jones   (78854)
Engineering Officer:-  F/O. F.W. Carter  (50412)
Intelligence Officer":-F/O. P.F.Cottis  (146764)
Medical Officer      :-F/Lt. T.L.Gordan(107136)

Establishment       :- Officers  29       Other Ranks    293
Strength                 :     48          :          345
Type of Aircraft held:- Wellington, Mk XIII       16
:    :    :       :    Tiger Moth                1

          The part played by No 8 Squadron in the action which led to the partial destruction and the surrender of the crew of the German submarine U-852, on the 3rd May 1944, though not appearing very impressive as compared with the prowess of No 621 Squadron, was nevertheless an important part and certainly contributed to the final result.
         The action was commenced at 0425z on the 2nd may by a perfect depth charge attack carried out four minutes after sighting by Wellington"E" of No 621 Squadron which was on anti submarine patrol in the Gulf of Aden, South area- usually covered by that Squadron.

         As the luck fell to No 621 Squadron to make first contact with the enemy it is realised that the highest praise should go to F/O Mitchell(Captain of "E") and Sgt Stevenson ( Front gunner, who first spotted the U-boat) and were awarded the D.F.C and D.F.M. respectively.

        The initial attack considerably damaged the submarine and forced it to remain surfaced. Its position when first attacked was 1034N 5200E and it