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Flight Planning Links

ais.org.uk Airfield and Documents Need to Login.... Free!
airnav.com Airfield Info US Airfields
fallingrain.com Cities, Airports & Navpoints Worldwide
fltplan.com Everything! All In One Stop
flytecomm.com Flight Tracking US
local.live Maps Worldwide
gc.kls2.com Maps Worldwide
multimap.com Maps UK
baseops.net NOTAMS Worldwide
notams.jcs.mil NOTAMS US DoD
sat.dundee.ac.uk Satelite Info Login & Password Required
aeroplanner.com Weather All Other Info Via Subscription
aviationweather.com Weather World All Info
metoffice.com/aviation Weather UK
tdmg.co.uk/weather Weather Europe All Info
w3.weather.com Weather Worldwide
weather.com/activities/aviation Weather US Private Pilot Info
weather.noaa.gov Weather Worldwide
flightplanning.navcanada.ca Weather and NOTAMS Canada Only
mil-aip.de German Tanking Areas Links to Other AIPs